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  • Attracta Courtney


On November 11th I started on a course of Lumity capsules which I wrote about in the link attached. Today, I am just over 4 months taking these supplements daily and I am very impressed with the results both in my general wellbeing and nails in particular. When I started taking these supplements back in November my nails were brittle and constantly breaking, despite my efforts to grow them into a healthy shape! I can confirm that my nails are now looking great and I have started to wear polish again as my nail shape is looking good. Perhaps it’s because Spring has sprung that I feel a lightness in my mood and an optimistic sense of wellbeing; this I’m sure is part of the reason, however, I have to also give credit to taking these natural “nutricosmetics” supplements too, over the Winter months. They are the only supplement that I have taken for this 4 month period of time and without a doubt I have been seeing and feeling the positive benefits! These daily capsules have definitely given me back confidence in oral health supplements.


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