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Monday February 20th, I threw caution to the wind and went to visit the eyelash experts, Moka & Sarah for a consultation and to experiment with some upper eyelash extensions. I have never done something like this before, however in the name of research I took a risk and here I am today, 3 weeks on, still sporting these very natural looking eyelashes. Since I had the lashes, I have not worn any mascara only a little eyeliner inside the upper waterline. I always feel forever makeup ready, since I had these lashes. I would recommend these two experts based in Old Street, to anyone who is looking to add some extra, elegant flutter to their lashes; it started out as an experiment for me however I am loving this new makeover and that is a huge compliment from someone who has only ever worn false eyelashes once.

The eyelashes feel weightless, I have been very protective in the care of them only using a water based cleanser to remove any eyeshadow, when I wear it. Each morning and before I go out I comb through the lashes to separate, they truly stay in place effortlessly; that was one of my big concerns as I have seen so many people with eyelash extensions that are always clumped together – not the case for me. I had a mini consultation and patch test with both Sarah and Moka who are the founders of this boutique service, a few days later Moka who originally trained in Japan for 3 years applied my lashes. It was the most relaxing experience – no pain only a blissful time out quiet hour of rest. I loved the experience and I also love my new lashes, I’m still very impressed at how well and long they have lasted; they are still looking fresh and enhancing the natural shape of my eyes!. Moka who applied my lashes, spent many years developing her own unique technique to ensure the utmost health of the natural eyelash, she was very informative when I asked questions. Everyones natural eyelashes are very unique, there are huge variations amongst nationalities and she wanted to ensure her technique catered for everyone.


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