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For the last few weeks I have been testing lots of new products in my research for my 3rd annual Attracta Beauty Awards. Now, I also get the opportunity to interview and meet lots of interesting skincare experts as I have added a new professional expert category this year. Over two weeks ago I went to meet Vaishaly Patel at her Marylebone salon to experience her bespoke Signature facial. I was very impressed by her frank honesty; in hindsight the timing of my visit was just perfect. I knew I needed some expert care as I had been multi-laying lots of different products on my face. My skin was looking great but feeling a little sensitive; if my skin could talk I would not have been surprised to hear it say “Stop – I need a break!” Hence, when this discerning expert said to me, I advise you take a few days off and give your skin a rest, I knew I was truly in the hands of an professional who had my best skincare intentions at heart. It was so refreshing to hear practical advice and that she was in synch with how my skin was feeling that day.

I am a big advocate for “Slow-Beauty” respecting and working with the natural rhythmic skin cycle, using products that I believe in then allowing them effective time to work. When I adhere to this Slow-Beauty concept myself I only ever see great results. Having worked for years now on catwalk shows I have seen how sensitive model’s skin can become during fashion week when they are getting lots of different makeup styles and products applied, their skin frequently suffers from breakouts at this time. I always encourage the models to use their own cleansers and moisturisers backstage if they can during show season when they maybe doing many shows per day.

When Vaishaly assessed my skin she immediately could tell that I had been overly stimulating my skin and when she diagnosed this I knew that I could relax. I was in the safe hands of a knowledgeable expert. Her signature facial which incorporates cranial sacral therapy allowed me to settle into a state of total relaxation. She simplified the signature facial to my specific needs which included cleansing, skilful extraction, gentle micro-dermabrasion, followed by a high-frequency treatment with a multifunctional tool that effectively closes pores. I really appreciated that Vaishaly spent quality time talking to me first, examining my skin, asking about my concerns and thereafter she tailored the facial to meet my specific needs for that day. Not only did this specialist give me valuable skincare advice, I benefited greatly from the incorporated craniosacral therapy which is a treatment to help realign your central nervous system by releasing trapped negative energy.

These days there are lots of great skincare experts around who have fantastic equipment available to enhance the facial experience – everything from lasers, IPLs etc, etc……. Today everyone is more skincare conscious and seeking the best professionals to get that forever youthful look, it is all the more important now to choose your facialist with care. Because something is available doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to be best for your skin the day you visit that salon, and for that reason that is why I see Vaishaly Patel as a very special expert – she knows when it is right to say “No, not today” and that maybe the best skincare advice you need to hear that day. I did follow her advice, my skin is looking healthy and thankfully still feeling great!


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