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  • Attracta Courtney

A new generation of great skincare

In the beauty industry, I have always been very vocal about what beauty products work and don’t work for me, beauty editors are always curious to find out what’s in my makeup kit; have I discovered any new hero products that really do stand out, potentially the next cult must-have product that they can write about and share with their readers too.

My professional skincare prep bag is large, carrying a cornucopia of expensive and inexpensive products around the world, products that I trust and know will not let me down regardless if I am working on the sunny beaches of the Caribbean, in a studio, or on the beautiful landscapes of Africa. I love working on beauty editorials, creating with a team beauty pages that will be eventually seen by people who love to read magazines seeking to see new makeup trends and more importantly advice on how to get the look. I love sharing my expertise on how I get that gorgeous dewy glow that is so popular now.

To achieve that covetable healthy, youthful glow, I need to use great skincare products that I believe in. On set, long before the quick wizardry of photoshop make-up artists had to ensure that the skin and makeup looked amazing before the photographer started shooting, because short cuts to perfection were not as accessible when I started my career. I always use products that will make my client look and feel amazing – happy in their own skin, because when they go in front of camera, all eyes are on them to include the lens of the camera which captures everything. I have always said, even long before it became trendy that the key to beautiful makeup starts with healthy maintained skin, and thankfully today that is what everyone can have as skincare products have only got better and better.

Recently, I have been testing lots of new products, below is a sample of some of my new discoveries that I think are great. I am not sponsored or affiliated with any beauty brand. I enjoy sharing my beauty experience with my readers, so they can see what products work brilliantly for me as a makeup artist.

Here are a selection of some of my new favourites, some of which are already in my own bathroom cabinet. These particular brands are becoming very popular with my clients and models that I work daily with - they love the freshness and the unique stories behind each of these products and most importantly that they feel great on the skin upon application and delivers great results.

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