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Is your beauty routine working for you..?

The greatest beauty lesson I share regularly with my clients and the models I work with daily is to use less product on their skin.

In order to get to this step, I recommend whatever brands they choose to buy, be consistent, otherwise it will be impossible to truly know what products actually are effective. Social media has changed the beauty industry dramatically. Scrolling offers up a cornucopia of beauty choices if you are following lots of beauty influencers - there is an overwhelming variety of products to choose from - it can all become extremely confusing to comprehend. Every week it seems there are so many more products and new layers of application to consider. Frequently I now get asked by many people; are any of these product really effective and if they are why do so many people use face-tune or other apps to give the illusion of perfect skin?. I have to agree they have a valid question.

When I myself scroll on instagram and watch some videos by chance that pop up on my timeline - I cannot help but query are all these lotions and potions just sitting on the surface layer of skin, smothering and clogging up the skin pores. Could the overly promiscuous application of numerous skin products actually be causing skin to become more reactive and sensitive and inadvertently doing more harm than good?. Whenever I have suggested this to dermatologists or skincare experts who have no agenda to sell me products they will mostly all agree; to achieve healthy skin - less is more when it comes to application. These are the experts that I want to learn more from because from my own skincare choices, I agree with them. I am a big advocator of slow holistic beauty combined with a very simple skincare routine, one that involves very few products. This way I can witness what brand is working for me or not over a period of time. I believe that the greatest boost I can give my skin during this routine also is to be happy and grateful for all that I have. When I am at my most content my skin reflects it, when I feel joyful my eyes literally sparkle, not because I have applied the latest new eyedrops, quite the opposite, it's because I am inwardly happy and when I feel that way my skin reflects that too by boosting its own natural healing pharmacy. Without a doubt I know that my emotions will always reflect eventually upon my skin, the bodily organs always endeavour to work with the electrolytes and hormones in our bodies to ensure peak health and wellbeing and I believe skin is the best reflection of that ingenious inner harmony.

Last night I went to a fascinating discussion on the future of skincare. Professor Augustinus Bader, a leading stem cell and biomedical scientist was explaining his new skincare range. The advanced technology in his two creams sends a signal to your own stem cells to function optimally rather than retract and age. Essentially a cream that will activate our stem cells to naturally rejuvenate and assist our skin cells to communicate effectively to heal and promote skin health. I have not tried the range but what fascinated me most when he spoke was his appreciation also for the less is more approach to skincare - he also spoke about the Mind-Skin connection, here is a link to the site where you can discover more on this subject. Over the coming weeks and months I plan to visit lots of Doctors and Centres of excellence to question and discover the latest new research on products or treatments, ideally science based so that I can make better informed beauty choices to ensure what I am applying to my skin is working in harmony with the inherent genius of my skin.

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