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  • Attracta Courtney

Beating the blues with Ilapothecary

Last night I went to a fascinating workshop hosted by Ilāpothecary, where we were given a informed talk about the power of homeopathy and how beneficial it can be to support our health in this very modern age, full of challenges. I was directed how to make my very own "Beat the Blues drops of Gold" remedy. I am hoping it will be the perfect pick me up when I am feeling digitally overloaded from life’s fast pace; it’s not always easy to maintain a positive outlook on life particularly during the cold weeks of January but I feel I am now more equipped with my personalised remedy. Ilāpothecary is one of my go to destinations when I need a wonderful relaxing massage or advice on the best remedies to take when I need some extra T.L.C.

Their Beat the Blues Drops of Gold is100% natural and is a potent blend of gold, phyto-actives and homeopathy. The beauty of this remedy is its multi layering of benefits. Gold or Aurum Metallicum is a very valuable homeopathic remedy believed to support our emotional heart, to uplift the mind and to help us reconnect with joy, energy and our environment. The soothing fusion of Pulsatilla, Gelsemium and Nat Mur aids inner balance and the herbal remedies of Saffron and St. John’s Wort bring the energy of hope and optimism. I am a big fan of numerology and ilapothecary uses the study of numerology to reinforce and establish the intent of each product. For Beat the Blues, the number 27 is associated with believing in yourself and listening to your intuition. It is self-affirming and fortifying - and that's something I feel we all can take time to do.

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