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  • Attracta Courtney

I'm going to start talking about makeup and what I love...

This week, I started doing a few mini live skincare and makeup stories on my instagram. I have been a very late adopter to social media but since lockdown I have seen it's many potentials when used positively. I have been working in the beauty industry as a professional make-up artist for many years and I still love it more than ever. I have seen that social media can be an amazing place to learn, connect and be inspired by like minded people. As a creator I only ever want to post positive content that is inspiring, honest and informative to my audience. I am not interested in talking negatively, life is too short and precious for that. I hope you will enjoy my content as I want to share uplifting information about things I love and have experienced and introduce talented artists and professionals who I respect and know have a lot of quality information and expertise to share. If you're interested click here now to follow!

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