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In 2009 international make-up artist Attracta Courtney and fashion stylist Ann Shore, teamed together as creative directors to publish an honest celebration of beauty in a fresh new publication in style, fashion, art and beauty. In a hand numbered limited edition of 500 copies, they worked with some of the industry’s best artists, photographers and wordsmiths to arrive at an eclectic mix of beautiful imagery that was powerful, confident and challenging to explore new notions of beauty.  

8A was born out of a desire to create something new, fresh and unique that represents our changing times, today's version of timeless and classic that questions the notion that imperfect beauty is perfect. We aimed to bring out a quiet, considered, sustainable publication going back to the core of creative fashion, art and beauty displayed in an elegant format. We wanted to move away from the mainstream of excessive retouched imaginary into something more bespoke and collectable.

On a regular basis in our working day we had listened to women and on occasion men beat themselves up on their unique beauty and individualism, leading us to question what has made us so critical of our worth and beauty, therefore we decided it was time to take a stand and reverse the beauty question from what is beauty to Beauty is… giving less attention to beauty anxiety and moving the conversation more onto beauty acceptance. We wanted to create a limited numbered edition that had longevity in its content.


8A is based upon integrity where 8 represents the 8 fold path to: right knowledge, aspiration, speech, behaviour, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and absorption. 


WWD Press December 1st 2009

Sir Paul Smith has given his seal of approval to 8A. Imperfect beauty is the theme of the glossy title’s first edition, which features Tanya Ling’s paintings of fall looks from Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel; an interview with the gallerist Maureen Paley, and contributions from designers including Matthew Williamson, Osman Yousefzada and Nash Masood.


“We wanted to create a more collectible publication and bring art back into our industry,” said Ann Shore, a fashion designer who co-edits the title with Attracta Courtney, a make-up artist and beauty editor. Printed on thick stock, the title costs 30 pounds, or $49, and has been printed in a limited edition of 500. The magazine, which carries no advertising, will be available from Paul Smith stores in London, New York, Milan, Paris, Antwerp and Tokyo, and will be sold on newsstands starting Dec. 13. — Samantha Conti.

8A was sold in the Paul Smith stores worldwide, Liberty, John Rocha Store, R.D. Franks, Claire de Rouen, Bluebird, Magma, Story and Caravan London. 

Today a copy of 8A resides in the archives of the V&A museum in London

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