The Attracta Beauty Awards Ceremony 2019

in media partnership with Evening Standard's Insider



The Attracta Beauty Awards were delighted to be in media partnership this year with the Evening Standard's Insider. The Awards have been recognising excellence in skincare and makeup products for the past five years. They were founded by the International Make-Up Artist Attracta Courtney. 

Attracta's mission is to create a yearly platform that discusses important beauty topics.

The yearly Awards Ceremony is always exquisitely feminine. In her own words;

"Beauty is not only cosmetic and external, beauty in its richest purity is vitally important for our psychological health and wellbeing. The Awards Ceremony will always reflect my intense passion for Slow Beauty, Health, Wellbeing, Education and the appreciation of Nature and our Environment".

Each year Attracta invites speakers to join her to discuss these important topics.

At the end of the reputable ceremony, the two Attracta Beauty Wo/man Awards are presented.

This year, the Awards were presented to Jan de Villeneuve, the renowned Supermodel and Satish Kumar, Editor Emeritus of Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine.




Olivia Thorpe - Vanderohe

"It’s been a huge honour to be awarded by Attracta, who is a  professional in the industry. The Attracta Beauty Awards has a real focus on beauty within - a deeper kind of beauty."

Daniel Sandler

"What I really love about the Attracta Beauty Awards is the honesty, when you receive an award it’s because the product really works."

Moka & Sarah 

"Attracta is so passionate about what she does which is amazing, the Awards are born out of her own passion-they are really true Awards."

Claire Healy - Lumity

"Attracta works with women every day & sees the products that truly do make a difference, it allows people to trust the Awards & choices that Attracta is making - Lumity are very proud to have won."

Anastasia Achilleos

"The Awards are inspiring and there to acknowledge people, they are full of wisdom."

Award Testimonials 

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