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Beauty products are regularly decorated with golden stars or logos from leading women’s magazines, but never before has one of the UK’s leading professional make-up artists stepped forward to create her own beauty awards.

Now in their 6th year, Attracta Courtney Founder of The Attracta Beauty Awards wanted to create a new awards experience that was different and unique. Attracta co-designs the editorial inspired Winners’ logo and Award Certificate each year to capture the essence of what is happening in fashion and beauty. The Awards Ceremony is a truly fashionable beautiful experience like no other in the industry.


Entering the awards gives you the chance to raise the profile of your brand, and have your product recognised by leading professional Make-Up & Hair Artists and other Industry Experts.

In 2020 there will be some new categories added to include Health & Wellbeing.

 The new professional judging panel will be seeking out the best Health & Wellness locations and Beauty Experts to award. Will your brand be one of the Winners next year?. 

"My job is incredibly rewarding, I’ve worked with some of the world’s best models, designers and photographers. I’ve flown to exotic destinations for editorial shoots, I’ve met amazing interesting people of all ages and, of course, I have tried the majority of the industry’s best products with my work. I get to visit some fascinating locations and health spas where I discover wonderful new methods of skincare maintenance and beauty. With this kind of experience, I’m continually asked a lot of questions, seeking my recommendations for great make-up, skincare treatments or spa locations to recommend. This is why I started The Attracta Beauty Awards: to help answer all these questions and share my insider knowledge.  


I wanted to share my extensive insider knowledge and create an open, honest conversation about the products I and my fellow peers use, alongside busting some beauty myths along the way. The judging is not influenced by marketing hype, or too good to be true advertising. The products are all tried and tested, and some of the winners are often beauty insiders’ best kept secrets."

Attracta's story...


“One of the luxuries of working as a creative beauty artist is that I work with a great variety of makeup, hair and skincare products every day in a studio or on location. This daily experience allows me as a make-up artist to try out first hand all of the latest products on myself or the models that I work with, in various different environments. I use this daily experience to ascertain which products work or fail. I work with some of the world’s most renowned photographers, models and celebrities, I have to be fully confident when I choose any beauty product that it will only ever deliver the best results; in the age of digital photography every detail is revealed.


After 20 years of working as a make-up artist I have accumulated a wealth of expert knowledge, my work has given me years of hands-on practical experience and tremendous insight into which beauty products really work or don’t. The judges on my beauty panel are not swayed by any advertising/marketing hype; a product either delivers great results or not. I am passionate about beauty and I choose to share my beauty truths." 

                                                               Attracta Courtney 

The Attracta Beauty Judges award only the best skincare experts, health spas, tried and tested makeup, skincare, hair and beauty products that we have used and know that work. 

Photo: aba18

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