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I believe skincare is the new foundation and here are some of my favourite essentials to have in my makeup kit right now to ensure I get the skincare prep just right. If there is one reoccurring question I get asked all the time by journalists, it is, how do you get that dewy, flawless makeup glow that you create on the catwalk and my answer always is – Less is more; it starts only when I work with the best skincare products I know that make the skin look fresh and dewy instantly. After I apply a moisturiser or face oil, I will always do some massaging techniques to stimulate circulation and warm up the skin to ensure maximum skin relaxation. Most models love this part of the skincare prep as it gives them time to relax and feel pampered; they learn all about the products and it gives them time to see the results on their skin. When they feel beautiful in their skin they immediately feel more confident and open to wearing any style of makeup. Over the years I have become more economical than ever when applying foundation all over the skin, if the foundation is not skin enhancing I will not use it or opt to mix it in with my favourite moisturiser to get it just skin-texture perfect. If you choose the wrong formula, all the skincare prep is destroyed as some foundations can be very ageing on skin. It is well worth investing and researching what skincare routine is best for you. I promise you it will show results and most importantly your skin will benefit. That little extra investment in your products will inevitably make you want to wear less heavy coverage foundations, as your skin will be looking so great!


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