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Panellists Announcement - Attracta Beauty Awards

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Guest Panellists joining me for my inaugural Attracta Beauty Awards on July 4th 2017 at The Lanesborough Hotel are:

Panel Chair

Lucia van der Post - is an eminent journalist and the founding editor of the Financial Times How to Spend It magazine and has become one of Europe’s most respected commentators on both style and luxury.


Susie Rogers - Co-author of the best selling book published by Penguin, Your Hormone Doctor, now released in the US

under the title Put the YOU Back in Youth. Susie’s keen understanding of her clients’ physical and emotional needs is the driving force behind BeautyWorksWest.

Dr Daniel Sister - is a world-renowned cosmetic, anti-ageing and hormone specialist. Since receiving his medical doctorate at the Paris Medical School he has built a global reputation specialising in minimally invasive anti-ageing procedures and bio-identical hormones.

Anastasia Achilleos - is one of the world’s most impressive facial innovators. Named ‘magic hands’ by FT How To Spend It and internationally admired for her unique style of treatment which goes far beyond a normal facial, Anastasia Achilleos has spent years developing and curating a powerful multi-platform treatment called The Anastasia Achilleos Method.

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