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  • Attracta Courtney


My second and final Attracta Beauty Wo/man Award went to Lucia van der Post on July 4th at my Awards Ceremony at The Lanesborough Hotel. Lucia is an eminent journalist and the founding editor of the Financial Times How to Spend It magazine and has become one of Europe’s most respected commentators on both style and luxury. Lucia's work and writing has always inspired me for its honesty and endeavour to always get to the genuine source of the answer. In 2009, Lucia wrote the forward to a book that I was the Founder of titled 8A, a copy of which is now in the V&A museum. I particularly loved where she wrote;

"Beauty has always been elusive, mysterious, compelling. We recognise it when we see it and it evokes in most of us deep and powerful emotions. We also know that we need it. We need it for our psychological health, to appease an inner hunger, to make us feel whole and happy."

These words are very powerful and resonate deeply with me, therefore I had no hesitation in awarding Lucia van der Post with my second award for Excellence to the Beauty world.

In 2018 I will be once again be awarding two professionals who I see as beauty custodians, experts who stand out for their relentless endeavour to bring beauty to us in their own unique way.

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