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  • Attracta Courtney

Bon Voyage skincare essentials

I am deciding on which products to take on holiday with me today, here are some of my chosen few - these products are luxury and they are absolutely worth it. During the summer months I always wear facial oils & serums as they feel more nourishing on my skin.

As you can see from the bottle, MZSkin - Lift and Lustre Golden Elixir is one of my go to serums at the moment, it is rich in hyaluronic acid, and other nutrients to protect and assist collagen rejuvenation and Elastin production. When I apply this golden lustrous serum on my face, I can feel it dramatically tighten and see a radiance to my skin. It's perfect to create that candle light glow effect, this product will definitely be travelling with me.

Zelens omega-packed Z-22 absolute facial oil is one of my favourite treats for my skin… I have been using this product now for years and still love it! It's packed with a blend of 22 precious oils, carefully selected for their distinctive skin-restorative properties – from Basil and Bergamot to Rosehip Seed and Rosemary – this lightweight formula reinforces the skin’s natural barrier whilst providing an extra layer of moisture to plump, smooth and strengthen skin. I use it during all climates and particularly now during summer.

Lumity facial oil is one of my new discoveries and to date it is working a treat on my skin. Like the other products it is packed with age-maintenance nutrients. The oil is rich, you only need 2-3 drops, and quickly absorbs into my skin leaving a natural moist glow - I am using it twice daily at the moment as I am prepping my skin in preparation for my holiday in a tropical location.

This mini sized Guinot Anti-Fatigue Face Mask will be just perfect for my in-flight skincare routine, I will apply it mid-flight to counteract any dehydration which may occur to my skin when I fly.

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