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Restore your Skin’s Vitality with Olay!

It is always exciting to discover new skincare products that work in synergy to achieve beautiful skin. As a professional make-up artist I have discovered and explained some of the most sought-after skincare beauty secrets to supermodels, my A-list clients, friends and family. My vast experience of working with women of all ages has taught me that the foundation to creating beautiful makeup always starts with prepping and treating skin with only the best skincare products that work for their particular skin type. Adding in a few minutes of facial massage each time always brings vitality and a luminous healthy glow to skin.

I learned some of my earliest beauty tips by watching my Mother meticulously perform her own skincare routine. One of my fondest memories as a child was Mum teaching me how to care for my own skin. I felt very grown up when I was allowed to use her favourite Oil of Olay cream. After that lesson I was hooked on caring for my skin. Mum had unwittingly passed on her most valuable beauty lesson. She wanted me to learn that nourishing skin daily with great products, particularly when you get older, is essential to maintain long-lasting skin freshness and radiance. Many decades later, I am still grateful for all her beauty wisdom. I see the very positive effects on how my own skin has aged as a result of a dedicated skincare regime. I always practise and recommend doing a few minutes of facial massage daily. It is also important to massage the neck and décolletage, as these areas of the body can sometimes feel drier as we get older. Massage helps to stimulate circulation and warm up the skin to ensure maximum product penetration and skin relaxation. As we mature our skin loses its natural ability to retain moisture, which can leave it looking dehydrated and dull. It’s essential to use the right hydration creams during this time if you wish to maintain beautiful skin.

I have recently discovered Olay Vitality. This 3 product range is designed specifically to help women in their early 50’s, to meet the needs of their sensitive mature skin and treat post-menopausal skin which can experience a reduction in surface skin cell turnover, collagen, sebum and skin thickness, while skin sensitivity may also be increased. Olay Vitality works to counteract these by strengthening sensitive skin, so that all women can get their vitality back and feel in control of their skin’s needs.

The Range:

The Olay Vitality Face & Décolletage Cream SPF 15 is aimed for women who are starting to see that their skin is becoming dry and sensitive in these areas. This super moisturising day cream quickly hydrates dry skin leaving it soft to touch and reduces the signs of fine lines to leave skin looking firmer and smoother. This targeted formula stimulates an increase in cell renewal in mature skin alongside strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier. When the skin barrier is healthy, skin feels softer and looks fresher.

The Olay Vitality Radiance Day Cream SPF 15 has a rich creamy texture and gives an instant fresh long-lasting radiance. It evens your skin’s complexion and helps protect against discolouration. My skin felt refreshed after I used it.

The Olay Renewal Night Mask 50ml increases surface cell renewal for firmer skin and carefully conditions the skin cells overnight. It is super nourishing and works whilst we sleep, to smooth and refine skin leaving it firmer to touch in the morning.

These new products are exclusive to Superdrug.

I am delighted that Olay has launched this new Olay Vitality range for women who are seeking a targeted formula to treat dry, sensitive mature skin. The Olay scientists have combined key ingredients - including Vitamin B3, B5 and Green tea extract which all work in synergy to strengthen delicate, ageing skin.

Finding a beauty product that is nourishing for your skin is wonderful. The older I get the younger I feel, because I always feel amazing when I get my skincare formula right; something magically happens to my mood. When I see that my skin is looking healthy it immediately makes me feel more confident and happy in my skin. I always tell my clients that investing in products that nourish their skin’s dermis is key, to maintaining fresh, healthy and vibrant skin whatever age you are.

Olay’s recommended regime for radiant skin:

1. CLEANSE - Cleanse daily with an Olay Cleanser to remove impurities and makeup

2. PREPARE- Apply Olay serums to help make skin receptive to key - active ingredients

3. TREAT - EYE - Apply Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream daily around eyes

4. MOISTURISE - Apply either Olay Vitality Face & Décolletage Cream or Olay Vitality Radiance Day Cream for daytime or Olay Vitality Renew Night Mask as you sleep. Massage into cleansed skin morning and night.

This blog post is sponsored by Olay.

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