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Each year at the end of the Attracta Beauty Awards Ceremony I hand out two Attracta Beauty Wo/man Awards to leading professional experts for their outstanding integrity and excellence to the beauty world.

This year on July 4th, I handed out the fourth Attracta Beauty Wo/man Award to the globally renowned hair artist - KERRY WARN.

This wonderful artist is known and booked for his creative, poetic, romantic and historic hair styles. His hair creations are renowned in the industry of both fashion and film, frequently referenced by the new upcoming generation for inspiration on set. Kerry is the leading hair artist to the Hollywood stars of such films as: Eyes Wide Shut, The Great Gatsby, Stepford Wives, Cold Mountain, The Hours, Bladerunner 2 and numerous others ....

From rock-n-roll to hauntingly beautiful this artist is genuine and original in all his hair style creations. When I started my career I would watch this talented genius back stage at the fashion shows in Paris conducting his team liked a skilled orchestra - always calm and collected despite the fashion drama's that would arise. I have had the privilege of working with this true, professional gentleman and for me he is one of the most genuinely humble, likeable and generous artists in the beauty industry.

This is the man Nicole Kidman calls "the best hairdresser in the world" - This is the man I call "the Shakespeare of hair styling"

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