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A house dedicated to Relaxation & Beauty

I think, it is fair to suggest now more than ever it is important to be active in self-care; we spend so much time particularly in a busy city like London getting caught up in the speediness of life and working. It can be difficult to find locations that are calm and serene to relax and unwind to the extent that is therapeutic and nourishing for our wellbeing.

Thankfully I discovered Gazelli House recently. It is an urban sanctuary set in a period town house on Walton Street in the heart of South Kensington, a unique space dedicated to holistic body and facial treatments designed to ensure that your physical, emotional and social wellness can flourish. Set over three floors, the design of the house is impeccable. Walk down the golden spiral staircase and you will find three immaculate treatment rooms, all with exquisite hand painted tiles. Gazelli House is the perfect space to enjoy a refreshing beverage, indulge in a bespoke treatment or enjoy a curated workshop.

I was fortunate a few days ago to be invited to experience a Hypno-Mind massage with a wonderful therapist called Alexandra.

From the moment we met I knew I was in expert hands, she was very knowledgable and gave me every reason to relax and more importantly enjoy this unique relaxing treatment. After answering a medical questionnaire to hi-light any of my personal concerns, Alexandra had a good picture of my overall health to confidently target the key areas of my body that needed attention. What makes this treatment so interesting and relaxing is that you have a full body massage whilst listening to a guided meditation created to further enhance the relaxation process. The treatment lasted over one hour, I felt blissfully relaxed at the end, I particularly enjoyed having hot stones incorporated into the massage design which deepened the effect of the massage. When I left this charming holistic spa all I wanted to do was go home and relax, to further enjoy the therapeutic benefits of this bespoke treatment.

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