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Jan de Villeneuve - Timeless beauty

Sometimes, it's very easy to think that things don't change for good: I hope you will take inspiration from this interview I did with the beautiful supermodel Jan de Villeneuve a few years ago.

Back in 2012 we spoke about our desire to see a positive change in how women and models of a certain age are represented within fashion and beauty. Thankfully today that change is very evident and continuously evolving for the better. The older woman is definitely no-longer INVISIBLE rather very VISIBLE both on the fashion pages and in beauty campaign's. The first beauty revolution may have been linked to the dainty 1920's however now nearly a century later we are currently in a very fresh beauty renaissance, one that is much more inclusive and embracing of everyone's individual beauty and age. I worked with Jan many years ago with the photographer Chris Craymer. We spoke passionately at that time to use our voices and become more vocal in advocating for better awareness around age and beauty acceptance. Jan kindly agreed to submit her personal feelings on ageing and some pictures from her modelling archive for a post I was working on for my blog for International Women's Day.

Today Jan works effortlessly for all the leading glossy editorials and walks the international fashion catwalks. I take great hope from that interview, as it proves to me that desire and words are powerful to ensure change happens, it is just a matter of time.

In 2012 I asked Jan "what does beauty and ageing mean to you?"

1st Ford composite card 1967 (Age 23)

Photography: Bob Shapiro

Models 1 composite card 1988 (Age 44)

Photography: Brian Aris

This is the story I worked with Jan doing her makeup for an editorial with the Photography Chris Craymer

Jan de Villeneuve - Timeless by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia 2015

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