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The Attracta Beauty Sustainability Award 2019

This is the 1st year for THE ATTRACTA BEAUTY SUSTAINABILITY AWARD for leadership in the beauty world - This award recognises a brand or team of people who have shown outstanding and consistent leadership in the pursuit of working tirelessly towards pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the beauty industry; a brand that displays a commitment in the field of ethical and ecological resource extraction.

WELEDA has been chosen for this 1st ever Attracta Beauty Sustainability Award because they have been paving and respecting the sustainable pathway for nearly a century; leading and ticking all the boxes to champion sustainability in the beauty industry, long before sustainability and organic became fashionable or mainstream. They source with respect their ingredients that come from biodiversity, promote conservation and always endeavour to respect traditional knowledge. They ensure that all its supply chains for raw materials, meet the standard of the Union for Ethical Bio Trade.

My colleagues and I already use many of their products in our professional kits; their Skin Food range is a particular favourite.

Weleda has had the longevity that most brands can only aspire to achieve in this industry. Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman may have been the original founders and ahead of the curve, however, Weleda remains today a living testament to the fact that the ancient traditions can pave the way for the new; it continues to drive and influence within the beauty industry as a leader in sustainability.

Artwork by Stina Persson

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