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Go Live with Attracta Courtney...

Attracta Courtney has started her own Live Instagram channel Going live with Attracta, and is now currently available to Host or be a Guest on Live Instagram interviews. From healthcare to beauty care Attracta Courtney has a rich expertise of knowledge to share.

From her early career days of managing an Intensive Care Unit as a Nursing Sister to her present career as an International Make-Up Artist and Founder of The Attracta Beauty Awards, Attracta Courtney has years of expansive health and beauty expertise to share. Attracta has always endeavoured to use her platform to elevate and inspire how powerful beauty and wellbeing is when communicated with respect and in an inclusive, informative way. To the best of her ability, Attracta encourages people to connect with the richness and beauty of who they truly are. Attracta is acutely aware of how important beauty is for our wellbeing and will always reference this in her philosophy. As a truth seeker she is not afraid to ask questions that she feels will enrich and push for the beauty changes that are empowering to people of all ages. In her own words;

"To become a change-maker one has to take risks and if those risks are for the betterment of beauty wellbeing and people as a whole then I know I have done my job. We are living in one of the most exciting moments in the evolution of beauty. The majority of the public are now online beauty consumers, more informed than ever to make discerning beauty choices.”

Attracta Courtney has spent the last two decades of her career working with the A-List of Supermodels, Rockstars, leading Hollywood Actors and Royalty. Attracta's makeup creations have graced countless magazine covers, runways and red carpets. Alongside working as an international make-up artist and creatively managing The Attracta Beauty Awards, she hosts workshops and interviews leading eminent professionals, to include Skincare Doctors and Biochemist Scientists. Attracta wants to ensure her Live Instagram interviews will educate and inform her audience to always make better beauty and health choices and learn from those who have walked the pathways onto successful careers. Attracta has a passion for knowledge, truth, history and beauty to be expressed in a way that is unique, inclusive, informative and uplifting, her strength is her ability and absolute gift for making people look and feel better. Her extensive experience and knowledge gives her a unique insider's view to suggest the best in beauty, and to collaborate with creative teams to bring refreshing relatable ideas to life that are reflective of the moment and where beauty is going now.


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