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I'm going Live with the amazing skincare expert, Bianca Estelle...

This week, I am super excited to be interviewing Bianca Estelle, Founder and Director of bea Skin Clinic. Bianca is a multi-award winning, Harley Street-trained Skin Specialist, Clinical Trainer and IVNT practitioner. Since 2002, Bianca has enjoyed a long and successful career, adopting an empathetic and holistic approach towards the management of cosmetic skin concerns. With established aesthetic clinics in Birmingham, Kent, London, Antwerp, Abuja and Ibiza, Bianca offers three award-winning skin care and wellness ranges from selected clinical retailers. Aside from attracting a loyal clientele of household names, including socialites, media personalities, models, and lifestyle influencers, Bianca’s opinion is frequently sought by respected media outlets. Her treatments and products are also regularly featured in international publications such as Vogue (Arabia and British), Men’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar UK, Tatler and The Guardian, amongst many others.


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