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Meet the Experts - Dr. Kojo Sarfo From Intensive Health to Intensive Wellbeing & Beauty...

We have lots to discuss. I am looking forward to interviewing Dr. Kojo Sarfo, DNP tomorrow evening on my IGTV.

Dr. Sarfo is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse – Entrepeneur – Author of (Amazon Bestseller) “You Already Won” - Mental Health Advocate and an amazingly talented and positive Mental Health Tic Toc & Instagram content creator. As a former health care professional I will be asking Dr Sarfo why he has chosen Social Media to educate his large audience on the importance of mental health wellbeing. His book and life story illustrates the importance of believing in yourself, being kind to all persons, and remaining patient while searching for your purpose in life. Doing these three things, Dr. Sarfo believes, ultimately leads to a winning mentality.


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