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  • Attracta Courtney

The Pro-Ageing Warrior - She's changing the beauty industry for the better, from within!

Click on the image to go directly to The Outspoken Beauty podcast with Attracta Courtney, International Makeup Artist & Founder of The Attracta Beauty Awards.

Nicola Bonn

"In this episode I have the privilege of interviewing former nurse and now makeup artist and founder of the Attracta Beauty Awards, Attracta Courtney.

Attracta has been in the beauty industry for a long time and has been having the anti anti-ageing conversation for years. She believes that the reason that she is so passionate about this is that when she was a nurse people would give anything to be well enough to grow old and it just didn't sit right that the beauty industry was undermining ageing with their messaging.

Attracta and I chat about the changes that are happening and the things that need improving. She also talks about her brilliant career, the beauty awards that she has created and some of the beauty products that she loves.

Attracta is a brilliant guest and is one of the women who are changing the beauty industry for the better." You can find her on insta @attractabeauty and check out the results of her latest awards @theattractabeautyawards. #agewell #positivebeauty #wellness #beauty #ageisanumber #livewell #beautycommunity #beautynews


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